The Most Important Thing


Out in the open sea of the unknown live the greatest secrets you’ll ever discover. Daring to wade out into uncharted waters to discover them is half the insight.

There is a unique excitement to hurling your mind blindly into the abyss of a new idea. Or in looking at an old one from a totally new angle. That intriguing sense of anxious wonder goads you to push yourself further into your experiments than you may have initially intended to. Urges and calls to you to dive deeper into your energy working exercises or meditation techniques than previously planned. It may incite you to suddenly consider a brand new approach to the use of an ingredient or tool in a ritual in the middle of the ritual itself. This kind of adventurous exploration has the potential to drop you into a lion’s den full of new questions, perplexities, and paradoxes. This is a good thing. Even if it feels frustrating at first.

I will always encourage others to embrace and love their confusion. Curiosity is what sparks the desire in us to live and breathe in the first place, and the passion to want to understand why. The chaos of a mind confounded by uncertainty is the most fertile soil for a seed of mindfulness to germinate and grow. Doubt increases a man’s faith and focuses the direction of all the grander questions in his favor. It nurses a mode of thought that, at its maturity, will be a developed discipline which directs him to more slowly and patiently chisel the raw marble of his mind to shape it into something recognizable, and then into something useful, and then into something very beautiful.

You should always be asking questions and challenging yourself regarding everything you believe or think, as well as everything you observe or experience in this life. Values are meant to be picked apart and analyzed, and if they don’t work, torn down and rewritten entirely, lest they turn into rigid dogma which will only interrupt and degrade your spiritual evolution. Study things that force you to ask questions which require further study to answer. Ask yourself questions to answer your own questions.

Do not ever be satisfied with one single answer or idea.

Explore the unfamiliar and even the uncomfortable, and train yourself to look at everything in your life from as many angles as you possibly can.

Remember that the truth is never revealed to anyone as one specific idea, or through one individual insight. The truth needs to be pieced together from millions of fragments, and these fragments are scattered about all around us, waiting to be picked up and gathered together and contemplated over.

If realizing the nature of your existence was simple, then there would be no point at all to being alive.


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