Everything You Are


You are a perfect being.

Everything that life is resides and thrives within you. You are the product of a desire to exist, the intention of which births miracles from the void.

When you look out onto the face of nature, you’re seeing a reflection of yourself. Illuminated before you in your daily life are miraculous things. Every day in the warmth of sunlight, in the chaos of ants, in the froth of your coffee. In the way a sound or smell makes you feel. In the tears of lost love and in the process which evaporates those tears to fall again as rain over a couple discovering new love. All of life is the sum of a divine miracle operating to expose you to your own divinity.

Awakening to this truth, truly knowing it, is the path through enlightenment.

I’ve heard some say that a step toward achieving enlightenment is in recognizing that life is an illusion. I don’t necessarily agree with this. The most detrimental illusion that the majority of people live in is created from forgetting that they are perfect beings: immortal, non-material entities of eternal radiance. That their physical bodies in this life are only shell casings housing within it a much greater substance. Dismissing all of life as an illusion, a dream, or as a construct of consciousness is a limited view to me, and even an insult to the grand purpose of your whole reason for being alive.

Realizing who you are, and breaking through the illusion of permanence doesn’t affect the reality you are living in, and you understand this more and more as you see your magick improve. As you watch effective spells manifest.

Magick is one of many tools in the crooked path that, when employed, aids in cultivating an understanding of not only life, but of the self. The meaning and purpose of existence is understood much more clearly when the illusion of self is pierced. The practice of magick is one way of achieving that. When it happens, the act of living even becomes more vibrant. You catalyze in yourself a boundless appreciation for all aspects of life and, as a result, you awaken yourself to a more precise understanding of its subtle under-workings.

Aspiring toward an understanding of who you are will cause your magick to become more effective because of the nature of what that realization does to you. You don’t need to learn how to feel the heart and soul of a plant or animal. You don’t need to learn to open your awareness to the energies inside the trees or rocks or in the air or the sea, or emanating from and swirling around you and other people. The act of learning implies that you’re not already aware of these things, which is totally untrue.

We are one. We are all connected together as one entity. And that entity is the pure, infinite light of the immaculate. And that light exists as nothingness, which is the moment of – and just before – creation. What you are is what they are. You don’t need to figure out something you already know. You don’t need to learn to feel what you already feel inside you. What you need to do instead is slowly and surely awaken to fully knowing who and what you are. And who you are is perfect, and what you are is infinity.

When you do this, and you remember and begin to come face to face with yourself, you will no longer see boundaries or barriers in your life. You will no longer feel the choices of others as obstacles in the way of your own happiness. And you will breathe in the living energy of everything around you as easily and freely as if you were taking a breath of oxygen. When the wall between yourself and the flower you’re holding is broken – when you realize that your will and the will of the flower are the same – then you will be able to move mountains with that flower. Your magick will evolve and transform from an internal struggle of focus and concentration with some occasional successes, to a communication with all of existence, which puts the paintbrush of creation itself in your hand.

In the act of creation is joy. And joy is the life-blood of the entire universe. In your practice, you will carry the universe in your smile.


2 thoughts on “Everything You Are

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. And that’s something I also follow. I used to be an incredibly hypertensive person, constantly being unraveled by the aspects of my life that were beyond my control or scope of my understanding. It’s amazing how those simple symbols can offer such valuable insight into the way life works. Especially how it can work for you when both sides of the coin are looked at and appreciated equally.

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