About Me

Hello there, I’m Darryl Dapper.

I’m an eclectic kitchen witch of humble origins. I make and sell herbal medicines, soaps, and cosmetics. The purpose of this blog is to keep a personal record of my magickal experiments and to more deeply explore the nature of what witchcraft means to me. I never write anything down, and I’ve really been meaning to, so hopefully this blog will help me out with that.

My spirituality is everything to me. I try to be mindful of the principles I’ve learned and developed as much as I possibly can. Witchcraft is my personal path to happiness and self-fulfillment, and learning more about my soul and its place in the universe, as well as a way to learn to be a better person in general. The crooked path teaches me to love others more, and in doing so, to love myself more.

And with a respect and love for the Earth we all share cultivated along side that, it is a winding and scenic path with the potential to lead me to a more blissful frontier.

  • Contact me anytime at nomadtarot@gmail.com

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