The Gift of Illusion

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Outside of the boundaries of space and time, over and above our perceived separateness and definable limits as they are present in all their various forms, all is unified. Where these limits are unacknowledged, the pulse of one pure instant of Now beats in the heart of the universe, and in it, all things that ever were and ever will be flow through it, and manifestation is instantaneous.

While a state where everything that could ever be acquired or achieved or assimilated in every potentiality may seem gratifying, it bears within it a savage lack which keeps it from becoming a closed circuit. A void sinks into it where its expression is rendered impotent by its own constriction, as if a console were set up before you with a series of buttons containing the possibilities of every imaginable item, scenario, or experience that could ever be had or manifested. Eventually, one’s finger would hover over the button labeled “surprise”. And so here we find ourselves, in our reality, living within the instantaneous resolution of that lack in the form of our illusions.

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The illusions of life are a gift. Living day to day inside of our limitations allows us to slow down and examine the miracle of creation as it happens, as if we were watching the instantaneous and eternal Now unfold with a high speed camera, expanding an inconceivable instant of infinity into something definable and discernible so that every fragment of its manifestation might be enjoyed and appreciated. It is as if we all were watching the furiously beating wings of the moth of our consciousness scaled down so that every molecule of dust kicked up in the wake of each beat could be observed. And in that observation, we may give it whatever meaning we like. How much more elegant can a perceptual model of the world be?


Would you, if given the chance, wish to read God’s mind? To see the true eyes of the universe as they blink? What would you do to see the hand of the ultimate master at work? Could you allow yourself to believe that the secret mechanism to do this was no more complicated than just opening your eyes and looking around you? If a thousand years were but an instant, and an instant could be seen over the course of a thousand years, would you count yourself lucky to be living within a system where the answers to all of the mysteries of existence might be revealed to you in every moment of every day, in every conceivable interaction of your life? And for no other reason than to enjoy the dust they kicked up?

A piece of cake is more luxurious when eaten slowly. And it is even more fulfilling when baked with care and patience and set before you with a smile by someone other than yourself. In that first bite are you tasting the essential essence of that eternal Now, carefully pulled apart and poured through all of the insights and skilled genius and emotional content of the chef, and filtered through the synchronicities inherent in all of the increments of that process of creation, in ways that are so beautifully unfathomable simply because we are so perfectly able to perceive ourselves as different from other beings. Much more went into that cake than could ever be processed by any mind over any period of time.

And the communion felt in that moment, just as the final product is received, and just after your thanks are given, is the cherry on top which gives richness to the isolation we live in and makes living within it very exciting. In our alienation are we able to keep the beacon lit which guides our awareness back to the miracle of all that is, and I think that is very magical.

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It is this space which creates the ritual in our spells. The flow of energy from the first spark of intent to the result of its influence. It is the slow breath of thoughtful silence, and the pause which separates each brush stroke of a painting in progress and the wave of a hand to the gyrations of the hips in the sequence of a dance. It is what gives you the opportunity to feel each raindrop as it hits your face, and allows each separate sip of coffee to fill you with renewal. It is the vigorous light of anticipation flickering between every fond conversation and the shadow cast over every harsh lesson learned. From the tears of hearing the heartbeat of your child for the first time in the ultrasound to the tears of hearing the first cry of birth. In this space there are no wrong decisions or mistakes, just the abundant awareness of what is in the moment as it happens. And each and every one of those events in every one of those moments is a precious engagement and an invitation to see in them the turning gears in the clockwork of the universe. To look through the veil of any one perception of God and see directly into the firing synapses of that ultimate brain.

Thank yourself for creating these limitations. Admire yourself for constructing these illusions so carefully – and balancing them so delicately – so that every laugh and every sobbing cry, every heartbeat, every sunset and angry word exchanged, every honking car, and every transition and personal and worldwide evolution can be experienced and assimilated in such a way that even the Now which spawned it may be examined and redefined. And moreover, be in awe of yourself that you are able to keep your mind naturally unaware of oneness, even after having an Awakening experience. The illusion is always inherently there, and fighting against it only further muddles the stream of consciousness. It is inevitable to be fettered, and it is in this inevitability that we are able to truly relax and really live up the illusions to their fullest, and wholeheartedly receive all of the gifts they might offer us. In this way, our bindings give us our ultimate freedom.

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Savor your life like it is the most delicious dessert you’ve ever tasted. Appreciate and love it fully and without remorse. Without condition or exception. Feel every emotion and reaction and shifting of yourself through all the direct experiences of your life in the fullest and most visceral way possible. Cry if you must. Break things. Embrace the contradictory impulses. Push your own self-imposed limits of conceivable joy and know that just by doing this are you in absolute control of them all.

Use the time given to you in the space created by the illusion of time itself to define your experiences in only the ways you want them to be defined. Direct every second you live because it is yours to direct, and cherish the fact that something like “a second” can be perceived so that every experience after another may cause you to see the color of your own soul in its most luminescent glory. Love the fact that, because of this, you can know the difference between love and hate so that you can love all the more. Or hate more sincerely. Love your hate, or hate your love. It’s your choice to perceive this life in any way you see fit, so try to make it as genuine as possible.

In the end, that’s all you can ask of yourself: to be honest with yourself. And when you reach the end of your life and see that there really was no end, or even a beginning to begin with, your heart can smile as it realizes that was all that mattered.


3 thoughts on “The Gift of Illusion

  1. I’m loving the slow-motion cloud of stardust that’s rippling past with your name on it. I am, as my friend Hariod recently wrote on my site, pleasantly stupefied by all this swirling glory and structured magnificence. I laughed at the realization that eventually our finger would hover over the “surprise” button. I wanted to push it all over again…


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    1. Your words really give me encouragement. I appreciate them immensely. I suppose a lot of what I’ve found works for my life wouldn’t have come around in the best way for me without having gone through some trial by fire. I felt relieved writing those last two articles, kind of like letting a slow sigh out so that I could take a new breath in and move forward. And it’s nice to have a place to put these thoughts at all; even if no one else ever read them, they’re now frozen in a medium that I can open up any time I want when I need some reassurance and a nudge back on the path of least resistance. And it’s so nice to know it makes sense to – and works for – others to. That’s a big bonus to me. I do realize though that much of what I’ve written on this blog so far is about liberation. Or how magick can help with liberation. This is a witchcraft blog! I need to post a spell next time!

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