A Ball of Oil

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This simple meditative exercise has always been very helpful to me. I use it when I need to gather peace and clarity to my mind and I’m either too exhausted or oversaturated by the events of my life to dredge up the strength to see them from a different perspective or to get any real use out of what those events may be trying to teach me. I also often use it to physically purify myself before performing an act of magick. I offer it here to anyone who may feel like they can make use of it: either as a whole exercise or as inspiration for a unique design.

My hope is that it may help you with your own magickal work, or help you find soothing relief when mental splinters have dug themselves into your brain and disrupted your equilibrium. This exercise is as long or short as you want to make it. Use it as you feel you need it. It also has the benefit of being good energy working practice.

“Oil Bubble” Banishment Ritual

  • Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a slow breath in, hold it for a count of three, and then release it. Repeat this about five or six times. Each time you exhale, allow yourself to sink more deeply inward and drop the natural body tension you hold throughout the day. Let your muscles relax. Slow your heart. Don’t fight your thoughts or try to clear your mind. Just calm yourself.
  • Visualize a thick, shiny soap bubble forming in front of your face. Watch its surface ripple with the rhythm and cadence of your breath.
  • Let it push its way past your face and engulf your head entirely. Feel its thin pressure as the surface makes contact with your skin. Hold your awareness on it for a moment or two, then allow it to slowly stretch itself downward and engulf the rest of your body. Feel it conform to the shape of your frame as it reaches down to the floor.
  • Breath in and hold it. As you exhale, inflate the bubble with your breath. Watch it expand in your mind. Breathe in, hold it, and let it out. Blow it up a foot further. Shape and mold it into a perfect sphere. Be still and simply feel it’s presence and weight all around you.
  • Now focus on your frustrations. On your stresses. On any thoughts of worry, anxiety, concern, disbelief, anger, or insecurity you may have. Focus on them as specific and individual entities, as if they were living organisms swimming around inside you. Give them life. Delineate them as real creatures with minds of their own. Cast them all down from the throne in your mind which powers and sustains their rule over your life to the level of parasites in need of extraction.
  • Focus your attention on one of these worries and mentally grab hold of it. Examine and experience this thought for a moment. Feel that this worry has been physically taken in your grip and can be moved about. Take your time. Feel the genuine relief of asserting your dominance over it. Feel your mind dwelling on it less and less as you establish yourself as both its master and as the master of your own emotions.
  • Move it to the center of your chest, into a swirling, dark, and putrid ball of oily muck in the center of your sternum. Watch it grow and retain more substance as it is fed with negativity. Feel solid and grounded. Feel the rooted strength of your core keeping those feelings and thoughts imprisoned and quarantined from the rest of your body. When you’re ready, find another thought or bad feeling, grab a hold of it and move it into the oily ball. Continue to be mindful of the comforting presence of the shiny, swirling soap bubble surrounding you as you do this.
  • When you’re finished, raise your hands with both palms up. Let the ball of oil break open and spill down both of your arms and into your hands. Allow the oil to coat your hands and turn them black. Feel it dripping from your fingers.
  • When you’re ready, push your fingers into the bubble surrounding you. Feel your fingers and palms penetrate the skin of the bubble, and then let all of the oil spill into it. Contaminate it with this disgusting oil. Feel it physically leaving your hands and mixing with the substance of the airy shield surrounding you. See the bubble swirling in your mind with black, tarry oil, completely saturated by it. Be aware deep within yourself that you are being cleansed and purified.
  • Lower your hands. Allow yourself to smile and be still. Be aware of your new purity and enjoy being without the stresses of your life for a moment. They’re no longer inside you, but all around, swirling in the bubble surrounding you. Captured by it, and totally separated from your body, unable to taint you or touch you. Take a slow breath in and feel satisfied and at peace.
  • When you’re ready, reach out a finger and pop the bubble. See the soapy residue of the bubble give way and disintegrate into black, tarry chaos, falling all about your body and dissipating into nothing. Feel physically that you are purified. Feel renewed. You’ve expelled it all from you and effectively destroyed it. Open your eyes and let your relaxation take precedence over your body and mind. Let your contentment shine out like a bright beacon, now that there is nothing muddying its radiance.

Stress will return, of course, because that’s what stress does. But for the time being, you are rid of it. You are pure. Your mind is unfettered and light. Enjoy it.

Be content.

Keep smiling.


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